Proceedings of 3rd Pan-Hellenic Lymphology Conference, 3rd-4th June 2016, "Ippokratio" G.H. of Athens, available from 1/9/2016.

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Volume 15, Issue 3

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1. Trauma and addiction: Implications for practice.


Special Articles
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1. The “HEALTH 2020” and Greece. Contribution of general health check and screening.


2. The electronic management of information in Hospital Management.


3. Updating Nurse Graduate Knowledge – Internal Εvaluation Process of the “Evidence Based Practice in Nursing” Continuing Educational Programme


Original Papers
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1. Dementia and Third Age: Cross sectional study in urban and semi-urban population.


2. Problematic Computer and Internet usage in a sample of students of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

Systematic Review
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1. Research for intervention programs to address the prepubertal and adolescent obesity. Their role in controlling weight.

Holistic care in the enviroment of Intensive Care Unit. The important role of the family.

(Editorial article is available only in Greek)

Kadda Olga, RN, PhD, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center.


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1. Management in public and private hospital in Greece. (908 hits)

- Volume 10, Issue 1


2. Modern approach to the operation of a hospital. (633 hits)

- Volume 13, Issue 1


3. Workplace stress and its influence in professional and private life of health care workers. (583 hits)

- Volume 13, Issue 4
Special Articles
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1. Clinical events and therapy of dilated cardiomyopathy. (573 hits)

- Volume 13, Issue 4


2. The current situation in the public and private hospitals in Greece. (421 hits)

- Volume 8, Issue 4


3. Radiation exposure and radioprotection of physicians, technologists and nurses during their contact with patients who are or were subjected to studies with ionizing radiation. (277 hits)

- Volume 12, Issue 2
Original Papers
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1. The concept of care. (324 hits)

 - Volume 7, Issue 1


2. Development and validation of a Diabetes Self-Care Activities Questionnaire (310 hits)

 - Volume 10, Issue 1


3. Burnout syndrome: Understanding and early recognition of the syndrome from the nursing staff in public and private hospital. (305 hits)

- Volume 9, Issue 3