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Prostate cancer and sexuality. The role of nurses in improving the quality of patients’ life: Review

Varvara Karageorgiou



Introduction: The growing number of prostate cancer survivors with sexual dysfunction, which affects the quality of life, has created the need to acquire more knowledge about holistic nursing care for these patients.

Aim: The investigation of the role of nurses in improving the quality of life in relation to the sexuality of patients with prostate cancer.

Methods: A review of studies included searching for reviews and research studies in Google Scholar and PubMed databases, as well as hand-picking books, which refer to the sexuality of patients with prostate cancer and published from 2014 up to 2020. The keywords were used: “prostate cancer”, “quality of life”, “sexuality”, “sexual dysfunction”.

Results: Of the studies have shown that treatments for prostate cancer have a negative effect on patients' sexuality and not the cancer itself. Due to the chronicity of this  cancer, in contrast to the metastatic course in general, survival is the primary issue, but next comes the good health quality of life. The quality of  men’s life with prostate cancer is affected by their sexual function, as it is a major issue in their lives. These patients express their gratitude to those doctors and nurses who devote their time for questions and concerns. Taking sexual history is part of the nursing assessment, which needs to happen from diagnosis until after treatment. The specialization of nurses in matters of sexuality is considered necessary to provide quality and holistic care.

Conclusions: The role of nurses through nursing evaluation is crucial, as can improve sexuality and therefore the quality of life of prostate cancer survivors. However, researches need carrying out in order to examine effective methods to manage the sexual side effects of the treatments of prostate cancer. 


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