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Quality of life in patients with colostomy and the effects in everyday life

Antria Pipi , Evanthia Asimakopoulou , Alexandros Argyriadis , Panagiota Bellou – Mylona , Maritsa Gourni , Despina Sapountzi-Krepia


Introduction: Creating colostomy is a surgical option for various diseases. The colostomy is creates a variety of psychosocial effects on patients who are experiencing feelings of anger, anxiety and fear, decreasing their Quality of Life (QoL). Aim: The aim of the study is to investigate the Quality of Life of patients with colostomy. Specific objectives are to identify the factors affecting the quality of life of these patients Methodology: A systematic review was conducted, using the databases Google Scholar, Scopus, Science Direct και PubMed and covering the 2008-2018 period. The keywords «colostomy» and «Quality of life» and selection/ exclusion criteria were used to identify the appropriate articles/ studies for the review. Results: As shown by most studies, patients with colostomy struggle to live comfortably and to integrate into society as their problem affects them directly. Patients with colostomy face various social, emotional, physical, sexual and operating complications, reducing their QoL. Conclusions: It is important to take measures for the effect of colostomy on the patient psychosocial condition and provide support preoperative and postoperative. Nurses are the ones who advise and educate patients and their families to manage the colostomy, promoting the independence of patients and improving their quality of life.

Keywords: Colon cancer, patients with colostomy, quality of life

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