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Investigation of factors affecting quality of life in hemodialysis patients

Ιlias Moustakis , Nikolaos Rikos , Georgios Vasilopoulos , Michael Rovithis , Christina Marvaki


Introduction: The effects of Chronic Kidney Failure have a significant impact on the quality of life of patients. Aim: The aim of the present study was to investigate the factors affecting the quality of life of dialysis patients. Methods: This is a cross-sectional quantitative study that used the specialized Kidney Disease and Quality of Life questionnaire (KDQOL-SF.). Deliberate sampling was chosen as the sampling method. The final sample of the study was 49 patients with a mean age of 57.9 years (± 12.6). Its reliability was assessed by the Cronbach a factor and the collection was done during the summer months of June to August 2019. The IBM SPSS 25.0 was used for data analysis. Frequency distributions with 95% confidence intervals calculated by bootstrap techniques. Results: The most significant positive findings regarding participants' quality of life were social support for patients, encouragement from the staff of the nephrology department, cognitive function and physical role, while lower values received work, pain, sexual and physical functionality and severe psychological condition from Kidney disease. Emotional well-being affected quality of life to moderate levels. Conclusions: This study demonstrates the need for psychotherapeutic intervention planning for patients with ongoing follow-up, specific creative work and work programs.

Keywords: Dialysis, quality of life in dialysis, quality of life and chronic kidney disease

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