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Telehealth and telenursing in time of Covid-19

Dimitrios Kosmidis , Nestoras Kosmidis


The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has already flooded the adoption of telehealth in a wide range of remote care applications. The growing demand for telemedicine and telenursing systems has led to a push by digital system providers for immediate solutions and applications to citizens, health professionals and public bodies as tools to tackle the pandemic. The distancing and fear of transmitting the virus has made many telemedicine applications and systems vital tools where possibly most important of them are contact detection, reporting and monitoring of possible or confirmed cases. The use of telemedicine and telenursing seems to be spreading rapidly in the field of health with good prospects for its survival and further dissemination. Digital applications and solutions for distance medical and nursing care have been around for several years but on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic they began to offer more possibilities in the training of health professionals, the monitoring and management of patients, the prevention of the risk of infection from the virus as well as a variety of other fields. However, there are still many obstacles to overcome at many levels, most significantly the risk of personal data breach. In any case, the undeniable advantages of telehealth can only make it an evolving necessity in the immediate future of healthcare. Keywοrds: Telehealth, telemedicine, telenursing, pandemic, COVID-19.

Keywords: Telehealth, telemedicine, telenursing, pandemic, COVID-19

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