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Patient education regarding lifestyle modifications after open heart surgery

Olga Kadda


Patient care is an integral part of Nursing science. Nurse implements effective strategies to promote patient healthy behavior which appears to be one of their needs. In this way, patients are willing to adopt and maintain lifelong changes regarding their lifestyle. Patients after open heart surgery perceive the care provided by the nurse as a clinical need for them to learn or be trained with respect to their individual habits. In recent years health professionals’ interest has focused on the design and effectiveness of individualized educational programs. The central idea behind an effective training program is to change patient’s behavior regarding quality of life. Additional aim of these training programs is patient satisfaction, anxiety and depression reduction, compliance with treatment, and finally to improve the quality of life not only for the patient but also for the family too. The education provided by the nurse must focus on patient needs along with patients’ participation

Keywords: Education, open heart surgery, lifestyle modifications

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