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The meaning and the role of intuition in nursing

Vicktoria Maria Bantouna


In the implementation of nursing practice some situations in which theoretical and apparent level considered unexplainable. Intuition is one of these situations that cannot be given this interpretation and therefore the meaning is often disputed in scientific fields. According to the chronological review of the phenomenon of intuition, described as a reasoning power. The concept of intuition stems from the status of elusive and based on the skills of the nurse. The role of intuition is associated with the detection of the patient's needs and problems and facilitating the correct application of the nursing process and adapting to a multidimensional reality. Guides nurse to solve difficult situations, favoring the development and leadership of the same and promotes the innovation nursing science. The importance and usefulness of intuition sometimes even outweighing the importance and usefulness of nursing evidence based and therefore very often not accepted and collides with rationalism. 

Keywords: Intuition, nursing care, innovation, creativity, nursing knowledge

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