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Dementia and Third Age: Cross sectional study in urban and semi-urban population

Fotoula Babatsikou , Venetia Notara , Marianna Kouri , Evridiki Kampa , Sofia Zyga , Charilaos Koutis


In Greece, population ageing consists one of the most important public health issue with dementia being listed among the top five commonest illnesses. The total direct and indirect health care costs are estimated to exceed 6 billion€, annually. Aim: This study aimed to examine the prevalence and the risk factors of dementia among the elderly, in urban and semi-urban population. Material and Method: The studied sample consisted of 300 subjects, of whom 171 were women and 129 were men, aged ≥60 years, all members of the Open Care Centers for Older People (OCCFOP; KAPI in Greek) of Prefectures of Attica (Municipality of AgiosDimitrios) and Fokida, during the period July 2012- December 2012. A questionnaire of socio-demographic data was used and the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE), validated in Greek elderly population, was used to evaluate dementia. Results: The results of the study revealed that 15,3% of the sample presented dementia (13% moderate and 2,3% serious dementia). Moderate dementia prevalence appeared to be highest among women as compared to men.Additionally, the “unstandardized coefficients B” showed that the age group of 70-74 years old had an increase of 0,048 points, in the MMSE, in relation to the reference group (≥75 years old) (Β= 0,048, 95%CI -0,308,0,404, p=0,010); equally, in the MMSE scale, and cohabitation had an increase of 0,037 points, in relation to the reference group (Living alone) (Β= 0,037, 95%CI -0,251,0,325, p=0,024). Conclusions: The results of the study revealed that elderly people who cohabitate or participate in creative activities develop lower levels of cognitive disorders. Consequently, it becomes apparent that there is a strong need for the dementia prevention programs to be strengthened with appropriately tailored psychosocial support network

Keywords: Dementia, elderly, public health, KAPI, urban population, semi-urban population

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