Quarterly scientific journal

Sexual abuse and contemporary nursing approach

Konstantina Mitropoulou , Maria Mousoularikou , Theodore Kapadochos


Sexual abuse constitutes one of the most serious social and public health problems worldwide, creating the need for new care approaches and treatment techniques for victims by specialized professionals. It causes injuries both physically and psychologically, with women being at greater risk. Factors such as alcohol, drug abuse and violence during childhood, seem to intensify this phenomenon. The victims must be given priority at the Emergency Department (ED), where the care of wounds, blood tests, prophylaxis for sexually transmitted diseases and administration of contraceptive therapy are carried out. Then, specialized tests are performed, such as colposcopy, in order to find biological traces of the abuser. Abroad, the collection of evidence is carried out by specialized nurses in sexual abuse issues, who have appropriate knowledge and experience in order to collect data, and have direct approach to the victim, always maintaining his/her respect and dignity. Victims are encouraged to discuss the problem and seek help, while ensuring support and acceptance from their families

Keywords: Sexual assault, abuse, specialized nurse, special response units, protocols, legal framework

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