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Investigation on students views on evaluating the educational material on distance-adult-education in the subject of Prenatal checκ-up

Penelope Siourda


An important role throughout the educational process plays the educational material which must meet specific requirements and to perform specific functions. The testing of the effectiveness of the educational material was part of a formative evaluation, and had as a purpose to adapt the material and make it suitable for distance-Adult-Education. Aim: The purpose of this study was to explore the students' views on the evaluation of the distance learning training materials on prenatal checκ-up. Method and Material: The sample was consisted οf 31 students of the Alexandrio Technological Institute (ATEI) of Thessaloniki. As a tool for data collection, a self-reported questionnaire was used with closed and opened types of questions. Data was collected between March and April of the year 2011. A descriptive statistical program was applied. For the processing of the statistical data, the statistical program SPSS ver.13.0 was used. Results: The majority of students (71%) considers 'very' current the bibliography used and on the question investigating the adequacy of the bibliography, 64.5% of respondents consider it 'very' adequate. On questions asking about the clarity of the material and its ability to cover any students' gaps on previous knowledge in Prenatal check up, high rated were the choices 'Very' with rates of 71% and 61.3% respectively. Conclusions: The results of the evaluation were considered very satisfactory and the students appreciated the produced educational material as consistent with the Principles of Distance Adult Education

Keywords: Distance-adult education, higher-technological education, educational materials, prenatal check-up

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