Quarterly scientific journal

Autism Spectrum Disorder. Interventions for health care professionals

Aliki Manifava , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou


The Greek society ought to secure the future of autistic children. It would be desirable that the diversity which they anyway undergo in the modern pluralistic society would not only be accepted, but moreover respected and safeguarded. The nurse's role, as a member of the health care team, is of major importance to the implementation of autistic children and their families' claims, functioning as a bridge among them and the recipients of their claims. It is important the emergence of the health professionals' role in the formation of health services for optimal service of autistic children and their families. As well, health services can provide the necessary conditions for the support of the vulnerable population of autistic children. The nurse's and the health professionals' role is holistic, providing support for the child and its family, in a physical, a psychological and a social level

Keywords: Autistic child, nursing intervention, family, developmental disorder

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