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Organisation and staffing of Renal Care Unit

Sofia Pavlopoulou , Nikoletta Margari , Georgia Chasioti


The Renal Dialysis Unit (RDU) is an essential part of the National Health Care System and aims at providing high quality care in renal patients. The organization of the Dialysis Unit depends on the architecture of the unit and the human dynamic. The Head nurse and nurses of the unit have a very important role. The staffing of RDU requires specialized (in nephrology) human resources, scientific expertise and knowledge related to new technology and handling of dialyses machines. Adequate staffing of RDU contributes to better patient outcomes as there are less possibilities of an error to occur during nursing care, appearance of less adverse events and transmission of infectious diseases. The main goal of organizing a RDU is to secure the high quality of patients care, patients' safety and personnel's satisfaction from its job

Keywords: Renal dialysis unit, organization, staffing

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