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Trend of the demographic indices over time in the Greek population

Fotoula Babatsikou


The demographic population ageing constitutes a world social phenomenon which is strongly presented particularly in the developed economically and industrially countries. Aim: The aim of the present study was to explore the trend of the demographic indices over time in the Greek population. Method: The method οf this study included bibliography research from both the review and the research literature, the literature search was performed on MEDLINE, SCOPUS and ESYE (1991-2007) databases and using as key words epidemiology, demographic ageing, aging, demography, fertility, morbidity, mortality. Complementary bibliography was found through other electronic search engines and by reviewing references of already found articles. Results: The literature search showed that the percentage of Greek population which aged more than 65 years old increases with fast and constant rhythm. The population of Greece is characterized by continuous reduction of natural increase, because of the reduction in indicator of birth rate and the increased in general indicator of mortality that is owed in the ageing of population. The ageing of population changes the “epidemiologic profile” of diseases all over the world and has important influence in health service management and generally in society. Conclusions: The study of demographic characteristics of the Greek population is important for understanding health status in Greece as for the present and as well as for the future.

Keywords: Epidemiology, demographic ageing, aging, demography, fertility, morbidity, mortality

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