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Detection of partner violence, by healthcare professionals, in obstetrical and maternity departments

Maria Athanasopoulou , Evridiki Kampa


The partner violence, and primarily the one that is perpetrated against pregnant women, constitutes in our days a recognized social problem and a field of study for the health professionals. In Greece the factors that lead to the partner violence have not enjoyed systematic investigation contrary to other countries. Aim: The aim of study is to offer governing lines to the health professionals that work in obstetrical and maternity departments, with reference to the ways of detection of violence against pregnant women and the support of these. Method: the literature search was performed on MEDLINE and CINAHL (1990-2008) databases. Conclusions: The literature search leads to the conclusion that it is important the women of high risk to experience partner violence to be detected by the health professionals in the obstetrical and maternal clinics. Various supporting measures have to be developed for the new mothers, and information to be provided with regard to the violence and its repercussions to the family. The women-victims of partner violence must be supported so they can express their experiences and the violence can be faced in an initial stage. The victims need to be informed and referred to social-supporting services where they could accept the right support. Finally the investigation of partner violence comes to underlie the work of maternal health professionals with a proportional questionnaire incorporated in the health history questionnaire. The studies show that a lot of incidents of violence could be eliminated if the health professionals had received special education and systematically asked the women for experiences of violent episodes.

Keywords: detection of partner violence, health professionals, obstetrical and maternal departments, violence against pregnant women

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