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Leadership and motivation: Important concepts in nursing

Evangelia Prevyzi , Thomai Kollia


Leadership and motivation are extremely important administrative procedures in the nursing services, and these depend to a large extent the focus of nurses in achieving the goals of efficiency. Purpose: The purpose of the present study was the theoretical approach of leader΄s role and methods and techniques to motivate staff in the nursing field. Material and methods: The method followed in this review based on literatures reviews and investigate studies, which were carried out during the period 2000-2012 and international (Medline, PubMed, Cinahl) and Greek (Iatrotek) databases and greek literature on the concepts leadership and motivation to the nursing field. Keywords were used: Managment, leadership, evidence-based nursing, motivation, health servises. Results: In terms of leadership in nursing, the results showed that each strain of nursing who holds the position of leader will need to form the desired organizational climate. His role as coordinator of nursing services is particularly important. Also, the headnurse-leader is necessary to properly administer the methods and motivational techniques. Regarding motivation, methods and techniques to motivate the nursing staff include the formation of working groups (team nursing), creating an environment of learning, continuing nursing education and safe working environment. Conclusions: The headnurse-leader will be distinguished by a combination of many features to exercise effective leadership. For the motivation of nurses is important in selecting appropriate techniques and methods to perform at their maximum potential while ensuring the conditions of satisfaction from their work.

Keywords: Managment, leadership, evidence-based nursing, motivation, health servises

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