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The influence of single parenthood on the social needs of the single parent

Dionysia Antonopoulou


The changes occurring in the socio-economic situation in our country shape the environment that single - parent families experience. The treatment of single- parent families as a factor of economic and social development is a key objective in a state with a social character. AIM: The aim of this study was to research the phenomenon of single- parent families in Greece, and the effect of single parenthood on the social needs of the single parent. MATERIAL-METHOD: A specially designed, anonymous questionnaire was used for this research, which was given to a random sample of single-parent families with dependent children both in the urban centers and in the province. The study sample consisted of 206 single parents with dependent children. The statistical analysis was carried out with the use of the statistical package SPSS, 16.00 (SPSS Inc, Chicago, IL). RESULTS: Of the 206 participants in the study, 181 were women and 25 were men. The average age of the heads of single parent families was 44 years, while 41.7% had one child and 41.3% had 2 children. Regarding the educational level of the participants, 39.3% were high school graduates. In relation to social needs, 66.1% of single parents expresed a need for psychological support. 27.2% reported the state for psychological support. 20.9% resorted to church and the 18.0% had applied to organizations. The 32.5% of single parents expressed a need for work. CONCLUSIONS: In Greek single-parent families there is an increased need for psychological support and employment. The psychological situation, as seen in the demand for psychological support of single parents with dependent children and the lack of employment, seem to relate to the form of single parenthood, marital status, educational level and residence of the single parent family.

Keywords: Single-parent family, social needs, psychological need, form of single parenthood

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