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Prenatal diagnosis and preimplantation genetic control and moral questions

George Katsimigas , Evridiki Kampa


Aim: The presentation of moral questions derived from the application of prenatal and preimplantation genetic control on human embryos. Material and Method: A literature review based on both review and research literature, conducted during the period of 1984-2007, derived from MEDLINE, SCOPUS and ΙΑΤΡΟΤΕΚ databases using as key words Prenatal diagnosis, Bioethics, preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Results: The literature review revealed that the moral reflection in regard to the prenatal diagnosis and the preimplantation control focused on the following major points a) the rejection of the non healthy fetus and b) the choice of sex. The genetic control in the children raises numerous moral questions that concern mainly two sectors: a) the preventive test on ostensibly healthy children, for disorders that will be appeared in an advanced age and for which the early treatment or the follow-up for complications would not help and b) the examination in healthy children, in order to be diagnosed for hereditary disorders.. Conclusions: The genetic advisory is considered to be one of the most advisable ways of confronting the moral questions arised by the application of prenatal control.

Keywords: Prenatal diagnosis, preimplantation genetic control, bioethics

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