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Retrospective study of therapy of acute myocardial infraction

Maria Kitsou , Maria Polikandrioti , Christina Marvaki


Coronary artery disease consist the main cause of disability and morbidity in many developed countries. The purpose of the present study was to compare the treatment- therapy of Acute Coronary Disease during 1998 to 2008. Method and material : The sample of the present study consisted of patients with acute coronary syndrome that were hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit of a public hospital. Data were collected by the completion of a specially designed clinical protocol for the needs of the survey. Statistical analyses (t-test, X2 test and Relative Risk.) were conducted using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences 17.0. Results : From the sample-studied during 1998, 27.5% were women and 72.5% men, with mean age 63.60 years old, while during 2008, 13.7% were women and 86.3% men with mean age 62.8 years old. Patients with final diagnosis STEMI during 2008 were more with statistically significant difference, compared to 1998, p=<0.005. Percentage of patients who had coronary intervention (PCI) during 2008 outnumbers that of 1998, with statistically significant difference, p=<0.005. During 1998, individuals <55 years old had greater possibility to follow thrombolytic treatment, whereas during 2008 this possibility for patients <55 years old was the same with those> 55 years old. Percentage of patients who had coronary intervention during 2008 was higher with statistically significant difference compared to 1998, p=<0.005. More in detail, the number of patients who had coronary intervention during 2008 was threefold compared to 1998. Regarding age, both in 1998 and 2008, patients up to 55 years old were more likely to have coronary intervention than patients >55 years old. Percentage of death was higher in 1998 with statistical significant difference compared to 2008, p=0.001.

Keywords: Αcute Coronary Syndrome, therapy, diagnosis

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