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Workplace stress and its influence in professional and private life of health care workers

Aristotelis Koinis , Maria Saridi


Stress work place influences the physical and mental well-being of health professionals, reducing performance and negatively affecting health-related quality of life. Aim: The purpose of this review was to investigate the causes of occupational stress and the impact on the professional and personal lives of healthcare professionals. Methodology: It is conducted a literature review of published journals from scientific databases such as Medline, Pub Med, Google Scholar, for the period 1985-2010, using keywords: "health professionals", "stress", “anxiety”, "working environment", "working conditions "," effects of stress on mental health. " Total of 205 studies were found and 48 of them were reviewed for this study. Results: The last fifteen years there was a significant increase of anxiety disorders in workplace and specifically in health organizations (hospitals, private clinics etc). The vast majority of the sample was nurses and practitioner doctors. However it is important to note that because of these cases, (which were persistent and repetitive), there were (increasing), negative impacts in mental and physical health of professionals. These were the key factors, due to which the employees are reluctant to work, or in many cases they think to quit their profession. Conclusions: The work environment in combination with other factors of the life of health professionals helps in triggering anxiety. Although the context is still under investigation by the authorities of health facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.)Also, health care professionals are invited to acquire knowledge for recognition of anxiety in the workplace and to develop policies and intervention in order to prevent and cope with the phenomenon.

Keywords: Health professionals, anxiety, workplace, conditions, stress, effects of stress on mental health

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