Quarterly scientific journal

Epistemology of care

Agoritsa Koulouri , Zoe Roupa


The epistemology of care consists the philosophical approach in an art which includes strategies enriched with feeling and offer. As well as the determination of knowledge it concludes the establishment of criteria for the evaluation of actions, which materialize having as a final purpose the alleviation of the patient. She is the enconsience and explicit use of the current best elements for a decision making, which heads to the solicitude of patients and at the same time, embody the clinical experience with the best available data of systematical epistimonical research. Her practice in everyday action depends or and off the patient and the nurse, whose theoretical education, as well as his clinical experience is basic presupposition for practicing his profession. These two elements built the structure with which the reasoning and decision makings subjects that are brilliantly necessary to the grant of care. Also the knowledge of the theories concerning the sciences of care hugs the epistemology pluralism; pursue the mutual influence of human and clinic sciences adapted as it can cover moral, senseting, experiencing personal and spiritual, over all parameters. The care either as science, or as an action, is complicated or consists of the core of the heal. It’s in the nature of human existence it is a talent and a gift as well as skill concerning us and others.

Keywords: care, critical and intellectual care, knowledge, experience and action

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