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Services of Health in Greece: Measurement of the satisfaction of the health care personnel in private and public sector that concerns the provided services

Elissavet Iakovidou , Maria Maniou , Eleni Palli , Eleftherios Kostopoulos , Stylianos Zaragas , Theodoros Katsanevas


The social and financial whirls that take place the last few years not only in our country, but also in the extensive surroundings, European union, significantly change the scene as regard as the definitional environment that is experienced the health of a nation. In this surrounding which is constantly changing, the emergence of the health as the essential factor for financial and social development should be one of the main goals of a well developed nation with social character. The aim of this study was the measurement of the satisfaction of the health care personnel in private and public sector when it comes to their provided services. Methodology: For the measurement was used as a tool a questionnaire that was given for fill-up in a random sample of health care personnel in nomarchy of Attiki on May 2007. The sample consisted of 120 health care personnel (doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers). From them, the 60 were health care personnel that worked in private sector (private clinics, diagnostic centers, private practices) and the other 60 were health care personnel that worked in public sector (hospitals, health stations, EKAB, IKA). Results: From the health care personnel in private sector that answered the 70% and the 55% in public sector correspondingly are satisfied for the services provided as far as the quality is concerned. From the personnel in private sector the 40% has objection about health services’ sufficiency and the 75% in public sector. In near future the health services in our country will be worse than now because of the expenditures’ raise believes the 60% of the health personnel in private sector whereas personnel in public sector believes this the 45%. Moreover, the 65% in private sector and the 55% in public sector correspondingly reports that is willing to pay for taxes so as to improve the health-care provided system. Finally, they evaluate and attach importance to the problems in health-care sector: Private sector: lack of personnel, education, control, evaluation, computerization, equipment. Public sector: lack of personnel, evaluation education, control, equipment, evaluation, computerization. Conclusively: There is necessity of such measures as the creation of a modern System of Health, in which the protection of health and not only the management of illness will come first and it will be ensured that all the citizens will have the same access in the health serviced of high quality.

Keywords: Health, National system of health, Private sector of health services, Improvement of health services

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