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Culture and Nursing Education: New perspectives and necessities in Greek nursing reality

Georgia Gerogianni , Ekaterini Plexida


The present society consists of many different groups of people of different racial, national, social, and economic status. This results in the existence of social groups from different civilizations with different cultures. Culture is an integrated part of health and disease. Thus, nurses need to be informed about the different cultural needs of people, in order to effectively understand and satisfy them. The purpose of the present paper is to highlight the necessity of effective implementation of transcultural nursing, in order to provide holistic care to people from different cultures. Additionally, the need for improvement of nursing education is pointed out, which has to include more lessons concerning transcultural nursing. This will help students to develop transcultural competence. Finally, a number of suggestions are made concerning the improvement of nursing education in the context of transcultural health care.

Keywords: Culture,  Nursing Education,  Transcultural Nursing,  Transcultural Health Care

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