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Organization of transplant procedure: The institution of transplant coordinator

Philomila Obessi , Maria Maniou


Human tissues and organs transplants constitute one of the most important evolutions of medicine, through which human expectations for prolongation and better quality of life came true. As Greek legislator has been conscious of this fact the last twenty five years, he has taken a number of legal measures in order to elaborate the framework which was necessary to facilitate organ transplants. Today, law 2737/1999 relating to transplant of human tissues and organs is in force and it is considered to be quite sufficient to face organizational issues that emerge before and during the transplant procedure. This Law has set two institutions in order to organize transplant coordination. These are National Organization of Transplants (E.O.M) and Transplant Coordinator. Aim: The purpose of the present study was to evaluate legal status, activities and practice concerning Transplant Coordinator is exposed. Conclusions: It is important to evaluate proposals and concrete solutions for the improvement of the role of the Coordinator are proposed.

Keywords: Transplants,  Coordinator,  Organization,  transplant coordination

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