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Quality of Life of Cancer Patients

Maria Polikandrioti , Eleni Evagelou , Christos Vlachos , P. Dimitrakopoulou , P. Kermeli , Dimitrios Koukoularis , Eleni Kyritsi


Cancer-patients face with many and various physical and psychosocial problems which affect the outcome of the disease and their quality of life.
The evaluation of the quality of life of cancer- patients, offers valuable information related with the problems that affect the patient, either those that derive from the disease or those from the applied treatment. The changes that can be observed to their quality of life, during the course of the treatment, but also after treatment, give a complete image of its effectiveness.
Aim: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the quality of life of patients who suffer from cancer. Material-method: The participant sample comprised of 145 patients who suffered from various types of cancer. The data were collected by using the specific questionnaire: "Palliative Care Quality of Life Instrument" (PQLI).
Results: The results revealed that patients who suffer from cancer have a poor quality of life, whereas the hospitalized patients report that they have better global quality of life when compared to the non- hospitalized patients and to those that undergo analgesic treatment, p=0.042. According to the way of treatment, outpatients have better activity p=0.044, better self-care p= <0.001 and they perceive better health p=0.031. Patients of 50-59 years old, have better support p=0.050. Patients with metastasis report that they have reduced activity, self-care, poor health and don't wish to choose their medical treatment p=0.025, p= <0.001 p=<0.001, p=0.025, relatively. The results also showed that the patients who work to office continue their activity p=0.004.
Conclusion: Quality of life is affected by the way of nursing, the marital status, the type of cancer, the stage of the disease, the kind of treatment, the duration of the disease and the area they five.

Keywords: quality of life, cancer, daily activity, self- care, global quality

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