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The contribution of Nursing in disease prevention

Antonia Kalogianni


The current trend defining the supply of Health Services, like cost, administration and quality focus in illness prevention, health promotion and rehabilitation. These targets are achieved by Primary Health £are services as Alma-Ata has ordered. Nursing takes a large piece of the pie (percentage) and offers valuable services in Primary Health £are. In USA, nursing participation in prevention, health promotion and rehabilitation is important and respectable. £ommunity needs have pushed nurses towards specialization in public health (public health nurse). In addition the high cost of illness and disability has created rehabilitation nursing. In Europe, in countries where Primary Health care is established, nursing participation in prevention is a fact. Nurses cooperate with other health care professionals and are divided in fields as determined by the primary health care via health centres, of rural or urban type. In Greece, even though the legal and organizational frame exists (number 15 of LI397/83) stating that nursing participation is unexceptional, in fact nursing participation is poor. In national level predefined targets have not been achieved and nursing has failed to take its place in prevention in the community. The solution is to get the plan activated. That demands social sensitisation and maturity of the state but also efforts by the nurses. Only by specialization in public health, community and rehabilitation nursing we could be dynamically present in the community showing not only scientific but a humanistic profile as well.

Keywords: Prevention, primary health care, public health Nursing, community Nursing

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