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Nursing and chronic heart failure

Aspasia Vasiliadou


Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a clinical syndrome with neurohormonic dimensions. It is characterized by the disability of heart to correspond to the metabolic needs of the body in calm and during exercise. Today CHF constitutes one of the most important problems for health care systems as its incidence rises, its prognosis remains poor and the patients experience frequent readmissions. All these affect the quality of life of those patients in which recently has been given particular attention. Many studies internationally examine the effect of various not pharmacological interventions in which nursing plays an important role. Self-management of the syndromes is considered as decisive, while various scales have been created  for ^e measurement of those parameters. This review reports the existing studies missions, quality of life, self-manage- and presents some tools for the measurement of quality of life that potentially can be used for an initial approach of the problem in our country

Keywords: Chronic heart failure, readmissions, quality of life, self-management, home health care

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