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Problems of patients in chronic bed rest

Fotoula Babatsikou , Andreas Eleftheriou


It is well known that patients, who need to stay in bed rest for a long period, develop a number of biological and psychosocial problems. The approach for treatment presents series of particularities, which make the rehabilitation more difficult. They require a lot of care in order to confront their disease effectiveness and complication by bed rest. The nurses and the physiotherapists compose two self-dependent professionals units in the multidisciplinary team, who are called out to cover these problems with the ways, which are available to them. Atrophy and the loss of bone mass are prevented by using exercise. The exercise for the heart and the respiratory system help the dismissal secretion and prevent of heart insufficiency. Appearing of bedsores is prevented by the regular change of positions.

Keywords: Nurse, physiotherapist, multidisciplinary team, patient, bed rest, handle, patients education

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