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Malignant melanoma of the stomach. Report of a case presenting with unknown primary lesion

Thomais Oikonomou , Demosthenes Tsoutsos , Konstantina Fragia , Eleni Goga , S. Papadopoulos , Vasilios Georgountzos , Ioannis Ioannovich


Although the gastrointestinal tract seems to be a common site for melanoma metastases it is extremely unlikely that a melanoma of the gastric mucosa is of primary origin. Only few cases have been reported in the literature and the diagnosis was made clinically, endoscopically or by postmortem material. Moreover, most of the patients had visceral metastases in other areas. A case of malignant melanoma of the stomach diagnosed endoscopically is presented. It was confirmed histologically without any other detectable primary lesion.

Keywords: Malignant melanoma, stomach, endoscopy

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