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Exploring the Intention of Vulnerable Communities to Seek Primary Healthcare Support and the Role of Community Nurses

Alexandra Chaitidou , Agathi Argyriadi , Stiliani Kotrotsiou , Alexandros Argyriadis


Introduction: Vulnerable communities often face barriers to accessing primary healthcare services, which can lead to disparities in health outcomes. Recent research also highlights the fact that many of them do not seek Primary Healthcare Support for several reasons. Community nurses play a vital role in bridging this gap by providing essential healthcare support and fostering trust within these communities. Aim: This research seeks to investigate the factors influencing the intention of vulnerable communities to seek primary healthcare support and to examine the role of community nurses in promoting healthcare access and utilization. Method: The case study method was employed to gather comprehensive insights into the experiences of vulnerable communities and the contributions of community nurses. The participant was a young man with mental health challenge, from Greece. Results: The results of this study showed that many people who are characterized by vulnerability, such as those with low income, mental illness, or chronic health conditions, hesitate to seek primary healthcare. The study found that these individuals often face barriers to accessing healthcare, such as lack of transportation, child care, or health insurance. They may also feel stigmatized or judged by healthcare providers. As a result, they may delay or avoid seeking care altogether, which can lead to their health problems worsening. Conclusions: The findings underscore the critical role of community nurses in addressing the intention of vulnerable communities to seek primary healthcare support. By addressing barriers and establishing trust, community nurses contribute to improved healthcare access and engagement. Enhanced collaboration between healthcare providers and community nurses can lead to more effective interventions that cater to the unique needs of vulnerable communities.

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