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The role and skills of the modern manager in the Greek public hospital

Athanasios Makrakis



The proper and optimized operation of the Greek public hospital at the present time requires the existence of a manager who, through his / her substantive and formal qualifications, will be able to coordinate the multifaceted staff and harmonize the complex working environment. Compliance with the minimum criteria of the existing legislation [article 2 (4) of Law 4052/2012] with a modernization and an increase in the legislative specifications for the occupation of the manager position is considered to be imperative and major, in order the hospital to be in constant communication and harmonization with its needs as a result of the changes of the internal and external hospital environment.

Hospital administration requires knowledge, skills, abilities and a variety of administrative tools which must be adapted to the needs of the constantly changing environment of the public hospital. Changes should focus primarily on organizational behaviour and be achieved through staff training by acquiring principles and methods of professionalism through scientific documentation. A positive impact of the changes for the hospital is expected to be the efficiency and effectiveness in human and material resources management in order to achieve the goals of the organization.

The success of an organization, thus of a public hospital, lies to a great extent on its management. This is the position of the hospital manager who has to be transformed into a charismatic leader with inspiration and vision in order to entangle his subordinates, turning them into participants of his vision of the hospital. Acquisition of the voluntary participation of subordinates and the adoption of the proposed changes will contribute to the achievement of innovative results.

Keywords: Hospital management, manager skills, management tools, leadership, internal enviroment, external enviroment

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