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Workplace affect and emotional regulation in interdisciplinary teams of the Differential Diagnosis Centers and Support for Special Educational Needs (KEDDY). The mediator role of Emotional Intelligence

George Tsouvelas , George Koulierakis


Introduction: The study of workplace affect constitutes a new paradigm of research, which is mainly determined by the theory of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the theory of emotion regulation. Emotional management at workplace is crucial especially in environments where interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork is needed, such as the Diagnostic and Support Centers for Diagnosis for Special Education (KEDDY).

Aim:  The present study investigates the relationship between strategies of emotion regulation, EI and workplace affect.

Material and Method: A quantitative cross-sectional study was conducted among 197 employees (153, 77,7% were women), with a mean age of 39,5 years, derived from 34 KEDDY of the country. Data was collected using printed anonymous questionnaires, namely scales of workplace affect, EI and emotion regulation, which were voluntarily completed by the participants. Correlation checks (Pearson’s r) were performed, the t criterion was used to compare independent samples, while two structural equation models were used.

Results: Positive workplace affect was positively correlated with the cognitive reappraisal strategy and EI. Negative workplace affect was positively correlated with emotional suppression and negatively with EI. According to structural equation models, EI fully mediated the relationship between cognitive reappraisal and positive workplace affect. Socio-demographic factors did not correlate with dimensions of workplace affect (positive and negative).

Conclusions: Cognitive reassessment constitutes an adaptive workplace emotion regulation strategy. This study highlights the usefulness of developing emotional skills programs in the workplace, aiming to improve work satisfaction and empower employees to manage workplace conflicts and difficulties.

Keywords: Workplace affect, strategies emotional regulation, emotional intelligence, KEDDY, interdisciplinary work teams

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