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Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 10, No. 2 (2011): April - June 2011

Perioperative Education Of Patient Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Alexandros Zacharis , Aikaterini Kampourelli

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 13, No. 2 (2014): April - June 2014

A critical assessment of the Nightingale pattern influence in Nursing education in England, Greece and USA

Alexandra Dimitriadou-Panteka , Maria Lavdaniti

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 14, No. 1 (2015): January - March 2015

Knowledge and attitudes of healthcare professionals regarding alternative treatments

Alexandros Andrikopoulos , Maria Rekleiti , Maria Saridi , Eirini Katri , Athanasios Patelakis , Kyriakos Souliotis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 14, No. 4 (2015): October - December 2015

Implementation of adaptive model «Callista Roy» in patients with coronary disease: Closure of gap between theory and practice

Stefanos Digonis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 15, No. 2 (2016): April - June 2016

Erasmus Intensive Programmes: An audit of an innovative educational tool

Dimitrios Theofanidis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 18, No. 1 (2019): January - March 2019

The use of information and communication technologies in higher nursing education

Periklis Rompolas , Georgia Brenta

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 21, Suppl. 4A (2022): October- December 2022

Focus on-exploring the opinions and views of nursing students concerning the quality of nursing education - Research protocol

Areti Stavropoulou , Eleni Tsapnidou , Aikaterini Papachristou

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 21, Suppl. 4A (2022): October- December 2022

Exploring nurses' knowledge and perceptions on environmental health and climate change

Konstantinos Evgenikos , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou

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