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Focus on-exploring the opinions and views of nursing students concerning the quality of nursing education - Research protocol

Areti Stavropoulou , Eleni Tsapnidou , Aikaterini Papachristou


The quality and evaluation of educational programs is a priority at a European and international level, as the effectiveness of education is associated to excellent professional practice and the sustainability of educational institutions. The aim of the present study is to investigate the nurse students´ perceptions regarding the quality of nursing education. The research design is based on the principles of qualitative research methodology as this approach is most appropriate for exploring human perceptions, experiences and feelings. The findings of the proposed study are expected to significantly contribute to the improvement of the quality of nursing education by creating realistic recommendations, adapted to the needs of the contemporary society and the current demands of the labor market. The evaluation of students' experiences is a necessary element for studying the quality of education and the formulation of recommendations that will contribute to the further development and transformation of nursing education. The effective use of this data can contribute to the development and implementation of important quality interventions in education that can be decisive for the development of knowledge and the strengthening of the skills and behaviors of students, as they prepare to enter the real world of nursing. Through honest feedback, academic teachers will be empowered to redefine the essential characteristics of quality in nursing education.

Keywords: Nursing education, nursing students, needs assessment, evaluation, quality in education, qualitative research.

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