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Modern opportunities for improving human resources and facing the impact of financial crisis on health services

Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos , George Charalambous


Most of the current knowledge about the management of human resources derive from the field of business and enterprises. It appears that despite the wide spectrum of capabilities of the employees, the financial crisis has caused many obstacles in its substantial development. This phenomenon has a direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of our health system. A meticulous research was conducted in various online databases (Medline, PubMed, Scopus) using the following keywords: human resourses, management of working force, health organization, productivity, effectivenes, development, management of healthcare systems, design, financial crisis. The effective management of the available human resources is multifactorial. The management of employees in a health organization calls should aim in maximizing the productivity and accomplishing the main aims of the organization. The efficiency and productivity of employees is inextricably correlated with the prospect of development, motivation, good working environment, continuous education and the overall satisfaction of each employee.

Keywords: Management of working force, productivity, effectiveness, management of healthcare systems

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