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Mobile Health (M-Health) and Primary Health Care. Telephone Lines of Direct Help and Telephone Lines of Counseling Support

Sofia Zerva , Eleni Vatougiou , Ioannis Apostolakis


Mobile Health (m-health) covers a wide range of services in the field of Primary Health Care. Telephone lines of direct help and counseling support telephone lines, through which people have access to health services via an emergency call number, are the most widespread categories of mobile health (m-health). The emergency and counseling telephone lines are developed both by public and private bodies and provide medical help, guidance and referral to specialist doctors in emergency situations. They also offer counseling and psychological support to people with chronic illnesses, to people with issues of negative social impact, but also in cases of prevention and public health. The use of help lines overcomes the barriers related to accessibility and high costs, reduces the waiting lists and provides anonymity. The operation of telephone helplines ensures basic principles of Primary Care as it ensures an easy access, the proximity of their services at the place of residence and the care of vulnerable and sensitive population groups.

Keywords: m-health, Mobile Health, Primary Health Care (PHC), Telephone Line of Direct Help, Counseling Support

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