Quarterly scientific journal

Nursing and sustainable development

Periklis Rompolas , Georgia Brenta


Introduction: Although nursing researchers have highlighted the issue of sustainability in the health sector, the scope and dimensions of sustainability in nursing are unspecified and inadequate. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to describe the meaning and dimensions of sustainability in nursing science, practice and education and to explore the role of nurses as members of the global community. Methodology: The methodology included a collection of information on the subject from articles and books of the last decade in the PubMed, Cinahl databases and the Hellenic Academic Libraries (HEAL-Link) link, as well as in research articles, books, scientific journals and websites. Results: Sustainability in nursing includes concepts: ecology, environment, future, globalization, population and maintenance. Sustainability nurses must have knowledge of climate change and environmental impact, be sensitized and responsibly willing to change the goal of nursing science towards sustainability. This applies both to the practice of nursing clinical practice in conjunction with appropriate adaptations and directions of nursing education and the implementation of health education programs in the community by professional nurses. Conclusion: Nursing can contribute to sustainable development with the ultimate goal of maintaining an environment that does not hamper the opportunities of present and future generations for optimal health. Future nursing research should incorporate the principles and recommendations of sustainability into the modern world in the context of a sustainable and holistic healthcare model.

Keywords: Sustainable development, sustainability, nursing

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