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The effect of a gym treadmill with vacuum in reducing body fat and in women’s somatotype

Kalliopi Kotzailia , Paraskevi Maliou , George Godolias , Anastasia Beneka


Introduction: Body image and health are a strong concern for all people, and especially for women. Few studies focus on investigating exercise on a gym workout under vacuum and its effect on reducing body fat and female body shape. Aim: To explore the effects of aerobic exercise on a gym workout under vacuum conditions in 30 women aged 25-50 years, with specially designed protocols lasting 12 weeks. Material and Method: The tools of quantitative and qualitative research were: (1) Measurement Protocol, (2) Observation Protocol / Calendar and (3) Axis Questionnaire used in semi-structured interviews with the objective of obtaining information on the knowledge, perceptions and attitudes of the respondents, on the subject of the investigation. Two Groups were formed with 15 women each: Experimental and Control. Both groups followed a specially designed nutritional protocol. Results: The observed reduction in body fat in the Experimental Women's Group was impressive. The socio-economic factors that contributed to this statistically significant reduction were investigated in relation to the women in the Control Group. In addition, the changes related to the existing somatotype were investigated. The reduction in body fat levels, as a result of exercise in a treadmill under vacuum, is considered statistically significant. The number of sessions is statistically significant in reducing fatty tissue in women aged 41-45 years, the highest rate of body fat reduction is observed. The “apple” somatotype scores the largest reductions in the Treadmill with vacuum Group, and the orthogonal somatotype in the Control Group. Conclusions: Exercising on treadmill with vacuum results in a statistically significant reduction of body fat levels of women, decreasing the BMI and the abdominal skinfold and affecting the female somatotype.

Keywords: Body fat reduction, aerobic training, treadmill with vacuum, somatotype

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