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The role of leadership in the quality policy development of Health Organizations

Elpiniki Biskanaki , George Charalambous


Introduction: Satisfying the expectations of the client/patient determines the quality of the Health Service provided thereby ensuring the viability of the organisation. In today’s competitive environment putting into practice Total Quality Management is of the utmost importance. Purpose: The promotion, understanding and analysis of the need for an effective leadership in the workplace in the putting into practice of Total Quality Management. Method/Material: The research material in this article is based on scientific articles from international databases (Scopus, Medline, Google Scholar), using keywords in English and Greek such as Management, Total Quality, quality, leadership, health. Studies before 2000 and those with limited access to the complete contents were omitted. Results: In a Total Quality environment the management synthesises a vision of quality and pledges, by example, to deliver it by inspiring the workforce to achieve common aims and by developing conditions for good cooperation amongst the members of the team. This will in turn encourage communication and fruitful interaction between different hierarchical levels. Any management which adopts the Total Quality philosophy seeks to involve the workforce in decision making by means of the formulation of creative ideas and practices. Likewise the role of effective leadership in education of the workforce and in the development of suitable skills in the workplace for the purpose of improving work efficiency is absolutely crucial. The recognition of the contribution of the employee to the productivity and his subsequent reward constitutes an incentive for continuous improvement. Conclusions: In a Health Organisation the desire to embrace Total Quality philosophy demands long term plans and actions and continuous endeavours on the part of the management to achieve long term positive results.

Keywords: Quality, total quality management, leadership, health, objectives

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