Quarterly scientific journal

Excellence and Quality of Nursing Care in the Contemporary Health Care Environment

Areti Stavropoulou , Georgia Fasoi , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou


Νursing is a dynamic science that encompasses concepts of quality, safety and excellence. The rapidly changing health care environment consists a challenge for nurses and raises questions related to quality maintenance and excellence achievement in clinical practice. Issues such as personal development, enhancement of education, creativity and appropriate decision-making, can act positively in creating and maintaining a quality health care environment. The new social reality creates deadlocks that have a serious impact on both citizens’ health and the way in which healthcare is provided. Νurse’s professional life is related to patient safety, provision of quality care and best practice. The awareness and activation of human emotional forces and the subsequent control of deficits and exaggerations and the orientation to the ultimate goal of nursing science, namely, the acquisition of health and well-being, appear to be the basis for excellence in modern clinical practice.

Keywords: Nursing care, quality of care, excellence, health care environment

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