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The use of complementary and alternative medicine among hypertensive patients

Neriman Akansel , Aysel Ozdemir , Hicran Yildiz , Ayse Baran , Munise Dirik


Introduction: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is widely used method by patients especially with chronic diseases. Although safety and sufficiency of these practices are questionable their use among hypertensive patients is increasing. There is a lack of research studies related to variety of CAM use among hypertensive patients and factors may influence it. Aim: The aim of this descriptive study was to determine the CAM use among patients diagnosed with hypertension. Method and Material: The descriptive design was used for this study in one university hospital located in western Turkey. Data were collected form patients by using a questionnaire with diagnoses of hypertension. There were 127 patients eligible this study. Demographic variables, perceptions related to hypertension and CAM practices of patients were investigated. Results: The mean age of the patients was 59.33±11.97 years. Most of the patients (78.7%) reported using CAM practices. Nutritional, cognitive and behavioral approaches, vitamins and herbal medications were mostly preferred methods for controlling the blood pressure. Conclusions: Nutritional arrangements were commonly practiced by hypertensive patients. Although hypertensive patients are on medical treatment currently most of them consider using CAM to lower their blood pressure. Adherence to medical treatment among hypertensive patients is also questionable. 

Keywords: Hypertensive patients, complementary medicine, alternative medicine

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