Quarterly scientific journal

The challenge of improvement of the offered health services quality

Athanasios Zisimopoulos , Charilaos Koutis


The need for continuous improvement of the citizens’ offered health services’ quality is essential since citizens’ low satisfaction is ascertained. The prevailing international predispositions are the continuous development and improvement of the health systems. The instructions of the World Health Organization for the state members is to have established successful mechanisms securing the quality of the provided health care within the scope of their systems as well as systems of methodical evaluation of the offered services. With the new law regarding the improvement and updating of the National Health System according to Law 2889/01 published in the Greek Government Gazette 37/A, provisions are foreseen giving special weight to the subject of quality improvement with reorganization and creation of structures securing the surveillance of health condition, the betterment of health, evaluation of quality and accrediting in the health services. Naturally, problems will exist in practice, as deservedness and suspiciousness. With the present study all these elements are set forth, analysis is made and proposals as well as approach efforts of probable problems during their practice are paralleled.

Keywords: Public health, health services’ quality, health system, services, model of health services

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