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Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 1, No. 3 (2002): July - September 2002

The effects of mans constant changing environment in the bipolar healthiilness and therefore its expansion in the structure and role of the NHS.

Eleni Lahana , Stiliani Kotrotsiou

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 1, No. 4 (2002): October - December 2002

The course of the National Health System in Greece from the 19th century until today and the necessity for radical statutorial modifications in this structure and its role

Eleni Lahana , Stiliani Kotrotsiou

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 5, No. 3 (2006): July - September 2006

The Disciplinary Liability of Doctors and Nurses

Ioanna Giareni

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 11, No. 2 (2012): April - June 2012

Financial crisis. How it affects the public health and health systems

Maria Malliarou , Pavlos Sarafis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 1, No. 1 (2002): January- March 2002

The challenge of improvement of the offered health services quality

Athanasios Zisimopoulos , Charilaos Koutis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 17, No. 2 (2018): Απρίλιος - Ιούνιος 2018

The benefits in Primary Health Care and the patient from the application of the “family doctor” regulation

Athanasios Makrakis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 20, No. 1 (2021): January - March 2021

Physician Burnοut Syndrome: An indirect indicatοr abοut the Health System perfοrmance

Symeon Naoum

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