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Problematic Computer and Internet usage in a sample of students of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens

Evangelos Papageorgiou , Sophia Demsia , Sofia Triantafyllidou , Kleopatra Roussou


Research in student behavior towards digital technologies is of special interest, as the specific group of population is considered vulnerable to the development of problematic involvement with these technologies. Aim: The aim of the present research was the investigation of the use and possible abuse of computer and internet by the students of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, in order to design appropriate supportive interventions. Material and Method: The research sample consisted of 403 students of both sexes, from all faculties and departments of ΤΕΙ of Athens and from all semesters of study. Research data was collected with the application of an anonymous questionnaire, including questions about the students’ social – demographical features, the ways they used computers and the main purposes of their use, as well as the Adolescent Computer Addiction Test (ACAT). Data analysis was conducted with the use of the Statistical Package SPSS-20, through the application of non - parametric tests (Mann Whitney U, Kruskal – Wallis, Spearman correlation coefficient). Results: 32% of the sample often experienced problems with their use of computer and internet, while for the 1.8% these problems were so serious that they could be considered “addicted”. Gender, current age, as well as age at onset of involvement with computers, faculty of attendance and main purposes of the use of digital technologies, presented statistically significant correlations with the participants’ scores in various dimensions of the addiction scale. Conclusions: Due to the vulnerability of a large number of students to problematic computer usage, the application of supportive interventions is rendered necessary, in order to help them to adopt a reasonable use of digital technology as well as to cope with the challenges that student life presents

Keywords: Digital technologies, addiction, computer and internet, neglect of social life, neglect of occupation

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