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The use of reflective diaries in education of health and social welfare students: an approach under the rules of professional ethics and values

Eleni Papouli


In recent years, the usage of reflective diary has been increasingly recognized as an essential tool in the learning, assessment and development of health and social welfare professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, midwives, social workers, etc.) in modern western societies. The reflective diary utilizes the concept of reflection and thus the reflective practice through various reflective models with the ultimate aim to improve learning and behavior change towards entrenched educational or professional beliefs and practices. This article seeks to highlight the necessity of using the reflective diary in the training of students in health and social welfare sciences at the higher education in Greece. Due to lack of sufficient Greek literature on the topic, the article hopes to provide a basis on which to form the theoretical and conceptual background for further study, research and development of the subject under study

Keywords: Reflective diaries, reflective journals, reflection, models of reflective practice, health and social welfare sciences

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