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Students learning styles in Nursing science

Eleni Christodoulou , Zoe Roupa


Learning has been the subject of extensive research effort. Nursing education is undoubtedly a complex scientific field, which integrates nursing theory and practice and addresses to a diverse population with varied learning styles and preferences. Aim: The aim of this study was to underline the importance of nursing students' learning styles in the learning process. Methodology: Literature review was conducted, which included research articles in electronic databases Pubmed and Google Scholar referring to nursing students' learning styles and were published during the period 2000-2015. Key words such as "learning styles", "academic achievement", "nursing students", "education" were used. Results: Researchers' intense interest on learning style theories and students' learning preferences has been made prominent. Nursing student population, often described as a diverse cohort, have multimodal learning styles. Moreover, there is a distinctive learning style variance depending on the year of studies. There is a great dispute on whether. learning styles influence academic performance or not. Conclusions: Identifying nursing students' learning styles could be a valuable tool for educators in order to design, develop and reinforce teaching curriculum. Nursing education is a challenging field. Multiple and various teaching strategies and techniques in accordance with students' characteristics and preferences are indispensable elements for quality nursing education

Keywords: Academic performance, diversity, dominant learning style, learning styles, nursing edu

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