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Nursing staff compliance while implementing and maintaining hand hygiene protocols

Stavros Stafylidis , Sofia Triantafyllidou , Vasiliki Rafaela Sita , Thedora Kafkia


Hospital acquired infections constitute a major public health problem that endangers the safety of patients and is associated with a significant increase in morbidity, mortality, as well as the duration and cost of hospitalization. Aim: The aim of this study was to explore the nursing staff compliance with hand hygiene protocols during every day clinical practice. Material-method A descriptive study was performed. The research was conducted in different wards of two general hospitals; one in Athens (hospital A) and one in Thessaloniki (hospital B) during March to May 2014. The population of this study was 200 nurses and nursing assistants (100 from each hospital). The sampling method used was non-probability (convenience). Data collection was performed one through anonymous self-report questionnaire. SPSS 20 was used for statistical analysis. Results: The 84.5% (n=169) of the study population were women. The median age was estimated at 39(±7.47) years. From the responses in the 11 most common nursing practices the following information on hand hygiene was collected: 78.1% of hospital A replied that they perform hand hygiene before applying antiseptic, while the positive responses in hospital B was 89.5%. Of those who responded positively, 89.7% and 82.5%, respectively, followed the appropriate protocols. The average time for application of hand hygiene was 55¨ in hospital A and 45.7¨ in hospital B. Finally, regarding hand hygiene during nursing interventions (drug administration, insertion on urinary catheter, venipuncture and dressings change), in hospital A 3.5% perform hand washing, 58.1% washing of the palms and wrists and 38.3% palms, wrists and forearms. The findings in hospital B were 6.3%, 56.2% and 26.4% respectively (p=.002). Conclusions: Statistically significant differences were shown on the implementation of hand hygiene but also on compliance to protocols between the two reference hospitals

Keywords: Hospital acquired infections, nurse, prevention, attitudes, opinions

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