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Training needs and role constraints of nurses and assistant nurses working in acute inpatients units of psychiatric hospitals

Evmorfia Koukia , Nikolaos Gonis


Aim: The aim of the research was to record the main clinical problems that mental health nurses and assistant nurses encounter in everyday practice. Material-Method: Data collection based on semi-structured interviews and nurses’ quotes who work in psychiatric acute inpatient wards. Content analysis was carried out and data was categorized into main themes. The total sample consisted of 82 mental health nurses and assistant nurses. Results: Analysis of data revealed that: The constraints of nursing role include the lack of autonomy, the accountability, the medication administration and nursing interventions. Training and clinical needs concern the managing of crisis, the collaboration inside the therapeutic team, the lack of nursing staff that means less time spent with the patient, the security in the work place and the psychological support for nurses. Conclusions: The findings indicated that mental health nurses are called to undertake a demanding role in every day clinical practice with inadequate preparation and training.

Keywords: Mental health nursing, training needs, role constraints, acute inpatient care unit

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