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Investigation of knowledge and practice regarding Papanikolaou test in women health professionals

Eftyhia Gesouli‐Voltyraki , Vaia Kanavou , Aris Ifantis , Panagiota Deli , Anastasios Anastasiades , Paraskevi Koutrouba , Maria Noula


Cervical cancer is among the most frequent cancers worldwide. Its prevention is possible with Papanikolaou test (Pap test). Purpose: The purpose was to investigate the knowledge of women-health professionals, as well as the frequency of Pap testing among them. Material and method: 151 women health professionals, aged 18-65 years old took part in the study. A closed –type questionnaire, consisting of 66 items was used. The statistical test x2 and Mann-Whitney –U were used. Results: 60 % were AEI/TEI graduates and 65 % were residents of provincial towns. Monthly family income was between 1000-2000 Euros in 46% of the participants.60 % of the women knew exactly the purpose of the test, whereas the younger women , those who were unmarried and inhabitants of rural areas were statistically less probable to take the test, even for once in a lifetime(p<0.01). Conclusion: Women health professionals as a whole do not know the exact purpose of Pap test. The young, unmarried women, living in rural areas neglect taking the test.

Keywords: Cervical cancer, Pap test, knowledge, health professionals

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