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Mood disorders and handling of daily routine in patients with diabetes mellitus type II

Agoritsa Koulouri , Zoe Roupa , Pinelopi Sotiropoulou , Margitsa Skopelitou


Aim: The purpose of this study was the meditation of stressful and depressive disorders and their relation to the halding of daily routine to patients with diabetes melitus type II. Material and method: 310 patients with diabetes mellitus type II took part in the study during programmed glucose control in Diabetological centers of Attica. Data have been collected with a form which concludes the questionnaire Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS). Results: The sample has been comprised by 174(56%) women and 136(44%) men with middle age the 61, 7 years. The participants that esteem ¨too hard¨ until ¨impacticable¨ the arrangement of everyday life two to five higher stress level and 1,5 to 5 higher depression level, in relation to those that regard as easy the problems arrangement (p<0.001). The summary of people with thoughts or attempts of suicide reached 13%, whereas the 23% of the sample states that they’re not happy. The arrangement of everyday problems seems to be hard as for men (14%) just like as women (37, 9%). Conclusions: Anxiety and depression are strongly connected with the non satisfactory arrangement of routine problems, the selfdestencive behavior and the andelightment.

Keywords: Mood disorders, anxiety, depression, arrangement of routine problems, diabetes mellitus

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