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Asperger Syndrome in children

Chrysa Valamoutopoulou , Ioannis Koutelekos


The Asperger’s Syndrome is reported in the pervasive developmental disorders and was categorized as a separate disorder, initially in the ICD -10 (World Health Organization, 1992) and afterwards in the DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Organization, 1994). The Asperger’s Syndrome is distinguished by a team of symptoms that concern the low output in the social interaction and the communication dexterities, as well as the increased stereotypical behavior in various activities and interests. The aim of this particular article that constitutes a case study is the descriptive approach of the Asperger’s Syndrome, through the study of the child behavior. The methodology that was followed in the present case-study was based on inquiring studies and reviews that were drawn from international data bases that correspond to this particular case study of syndrome Asperger in children. Results: The individuals with Asperger’ s syndrome, as well as the case study, tend to experience really big difficulties in elementary social behaviors, as failure in the development and creation of friendly relations or in the search of entertainment activities with others. Moreover, they face difficulties in the comprehension of non verbal communication (body language) and the other’s expressions, the body gestures or even the eye contact. Conclusions: The precocious recognition of Asperger’s syndrome is imperative, with final objective the continuous briefing and sensitization of all health professionals, as well as the wider public, toward this syndrome. The earlier a parent foreruns for the diagnosis, the bigger probabilities they stand for a potential functional re-establishment of the syndrome

Keywords: Syndrome Asperger, autism, pervasive developmental disorders, stereotypical behavior, sentimental difficulties, social dysfunctions, non verbal communication, health professionals

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